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Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 10

Another short update for my YOP things this week. I’ve been working on a test knit and another non-YOP knit as well, so I’ll have more on those for WIP Wednesday, but for now:

I finished clue 1 and started clue 2 of the Stillness Shawl from Helen Stewart. This originally was a mystery shawl but it’s been out long enough I have all the clues. This is 25% of the shawl knit and I’ve finished the second band of stripes and am working on the solid-color lace.

I think this one is going to wind up being too big to photograph well until it’s done. It’s already not great to photograph and it’s going to be a VERY generous shawl when it’s done.

I also worked on my Vintage RV Camper wool applique project. I am this close to being done with all the stitching and embroidery and ready to put the backing on but I am 2 red buttons short for one of the tree’s decorations. I emailed a local friend to see if she might have a couple but if not, I’ll have to order some. Kind of frustrating to be so close to the finish line but have to put this one down for a bit.

That’s it for current/active projects off the list. I will be casting on a cowl later today for a new project of the YOP list since I need a few small/quick things for my HP group classes for the month, so more on that next week. I hope everyone here in the States has a good Labor Day holiday if you’re lucky enough to have that off of work.

25 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 10

    1. Yep – the kit was odd actually. It was supposed to also have small white buttons to put on the trees on top of the campers but didn’t have any of those, just the ones for the tire centers. I just did embroidery in a metallic gold to replace those but I didn’t realize I was short on the red buttons until I started that last motif. Not the end of the world – just a hiccup 🙂

      I always enjoy Helen’s patterns. Her socks are great too.

  1. Your applique project is adorable. Sorry to hear you are 2 buttons short, though. That shawl is going to be quite large but lovely to wrap up in during cool evening.

  2. The tree skirt is so cute, hope you’ll find some matching buttons soon. I like the colours you picked for the shawl, can’t wait to see it finished.

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