FO Friday: Foss Sweater

Delighted to say that I finished up the Foss sweater this week and got it dunked into an overdye bath that I think corrected most (let’s call it 95%) of the issue with the dye lot.

Project Details: This is the Foss for Women sweater (Ravelry link), designed by Jennifer Toland. It’s a great casual basic with panels of wide uneven ribbing throughout the body and a nice ribbed detail on the sleeve as well. It’s knit using fingering-weight yarn, and I knit size 2, which is a finished body circumference of 40″. I used just under 1000 yards for my version. (Noting that I knit the body until it was the length I wanted, which is shorter than called for in the pattern. I almost always shorten the body length on everything I make because I’m so short-waisted).

I really like the fit of this one and I blocked it out at the bottom hem so it would hang and be boxy, and not pull in at the ribbing at all. (It matches the shape of a sweater I have worn and worn and worn every winter, so I’m confident this one will get a lot of wear-time too.) As noted in previous posts I had some issues with the “dye lot” of the yarn I chose. This is a small-farm/small-batch of a CVM and Finn blend from Woodsong Farm in a natural chocolate color, then overdyed with red. I really liked the depth of color but alas, although the yarn skeins were dyed at the same time, they were not all exactly the same color and it showed where I joined in a new yarn at the bustline. After finishing the knitting and sewing in ends, I soaked the sweater in cold water, then mixed up a batch of Jacquard Russet (a nice fall red) and plopped the sweater into the dye bath, then heated it up. I was careful not to agitate it, as it’s not superwash, but I did pull it out of the dye bath and then reinserted it a few times to encourage the fibers to take the dye up evenly. I think that treatment solved most of the issue. You can see it if you know the line is there/are looking for it, but my guess is the average person won’t.

Happy to have this one to wear for the fall and into the winter/holiday season and happy to have another project off my YOP list!

8 thoughts on “FO Friday: Foss Sweater

  1. It looks just beautiful. The color is so rich. I read your response to my question several posts back about the dye lot issue and the overdye process and found that really informative. I likewise appreciated your explanation here of the actual overdyeing you did. It looks like this will be a much loved sweater in your wardrobe. 🙂

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