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September Plans

I normally would have a WIP Wednesday post here but since I’ve knit a whopping 6 rounds on my Bronwyn sweater since I’ve been focusing on finishing up the Foss sweater (which is done – more on that on Friday!), I thought I’d outline my plans for September here. As we edge closer to fall, I’m ready for some sweater weather and crisp leaves underfoot and all things wool-oriented.

Knitting: The next term in the HP group on Ravelry kicks off September 1. I try to plan for a mix of some smaller things and some larger ones to cover the different lengths of challenges they’ve got over there, but I also try to leave a few slots in my list open so I can add in things as they are announced. Here’s what I’ve tentatively penciled in so far:

  1. I’ll be working on a new Brooklyn Tweed design, the Elzy Hat for their sample program. I’m planning on using 3 skeins of Peerie that I had in stash for this colorwork design. I’ll cast that on September 1st.
  2. I’ll also be doing a test knit for the Salinga sweater for The Lace and Cable Co. This is a top-down yoke-patterned colorwork sweater. I’m not sure if I will cast this on before September 1st or not. Some of that will depend on whether the yarn I’m waiting on for it arrives before this weekend. I’m planning on using Brooklyn Tweed’s Loft for this.
  3. Finish the body on my Oregon cardigan. I’m about halfway up the neck shaping decreases right now. If I get Bronwyn to a good stopping point (the underarm point) this week/weekend, I may start work again on Oregon.
  4. I also plan to knit at least one square for the sock-weight Birlinn blanket I’ve been slowly collecting squares for.
  5. I plan to finish up the Stillness Shawl (Ravelry link) that I started earlier in August. I had a bit of a setback with it as I decided I didn’t like 2 speckle dyed yarns in it, so I kept the one Year of Projects yarn I wanted to use, and changed up the other speckle dye for a solid pale gray. (I’ll update that on Sunday’s YOP post.)
  6. I want to cast on Kasey Herlihy’s Fallen Cowl (Ravelry link) as a YOP item. She has some great basics in her design library and I think this one with the lacey leaves will be perfect for fall.
  7. Other projects that might happen this month include a couple other hats, and I may use the already wound speckled sock yarn that I removed from the Stillness Shawl project to start another pair of socks. Thinking possibly of the Altitude Socks (Ravelry link) with the pale lilac speckle yarn and a dark purple for the contrast color.

Books/Reading: I’m finishing up the 20 Books of Summer challenge (another post on that to come) but really enjoyed participating in that, so I’m signing on for the Fall Into Reading challenge a few bookstagrammers/youtuber’s are hosting. I’m going to shoot for the 15-book version but depending on how that goes, may up the ante to the 24-book version which features similar prompts to the 15-book one, just with another 9 books added. The hosts have created some great graphics to check off book prompts as you read them. If you’re interested in the challenge, the hosts are listed at the bottom of the below graphic with their instagram account information. They’ve indicated readers can use this as a bingo-board challenge (just choosing a row or column or diagonal to read), or double-up or skip any of the prompts, or just use it to pick and choose to motivate you read things outside your comfort zone.

I’m really looking forward to getting a few more books off my TBR list, as well as picking up a few new-to-me items for things like Graphic Novel, which I don’t normally read. I’m excited to have an excuse to crack open a book on The Black Prince I’ve had in my TBR list for a while now!

Other Things: I also hope to finish up the wool applique project I’m working on currently this month, and make some more progress on the next batch of spinning fiber I have to put on the wheel (another grayish-tealy-green blend of BFL wool and silk). I’ve also added in some 101 Things in 1001 days goals to my monthly plans but since this is already a longer-than-planned post, I think I will just do a monthly 101 Things update separately. I have enjoyed some of the new plant-based recipes I’ve tried and several of those have been winners that I’ll likely make in the future, which was an unexpected win!

13 thoughts on “September Plans

  1. Sounds like you have a lot of plans for September! The Fall Into Reading Challenge looks like a lot of fun, too, I’m going to go look into that. I like reading challenges that are a bit more open like this one seems to be.

    1. I like those challenges too – ones that make you stretch a bit out of your reading rut, but not super specific beyond genre or theme kind of prompts. Let me know if you decide to go for 15 or 24 books!

  2. You have a lot of knitting projects keeping your busy. I’m glad you enjoyed your reading challenge enough to do another one. It sounds like a lot of fun. I like them too, because they encourage me to read outside my go-to genres. Have fun and Happy Reading.

    1. I definitely have projects galore! YES to reading challenges. I find that it helps me get out of or stay out of a genre rut. I was glad to read a review of your newest – the Shattered Sea duo sounds right up my alley!

      1. The genre rut. Ha ha. Exactly. I may take up that challenge too. It looked like a good one. And thanks for the comment on The Shattered Sea duo. If you give it a try I hope you enjoy Raze’s story. He’s a sweetie. Lol.

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