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Year of Projects Update – Week 8

First up for this week, I’m delighted to say I finished spinning the mixed BFL/silk roving from Pigeon Roof Studios I had on my wheel. The original roving was a 75/25 blend in the colorway “Dovecote”. I’m spinning this as part of a larger sweater-lot mash-up all in these gray-ish teal colors. The final skein is 381.5 yards and 3.7 oz. I’ll be adding it to the 870 or so yards I spun up earlier this summer for this larger lot. (That puts me at a total of 1251.5 yards, which is almost but not quite enough for the sweater pattern I have picked out, so I’ll move on and spin up the 8 oz of another colorway I have earmarked for this set. That’ll put me more than over what I need for yardage but I will then have skeins to choose from and I may use this Dovecote for something else.)

Next up, I did finish up sleeve 1 on the Foss sweater and I’ve started to work on sleeve 2. I also took the time to weave in all the ends except for the second sleeve, so I’ll just have a final few to do once it’s knit. I’m at that point in this project where I can see the finish line and I really just want to get it finished! I’ll be working on sleeve 2 this week and hopefully getting it finished up so I can get it overdyed and blocked because I am SO ready for sweater weather!

Finally, I didn’t get much time to work on the Stillness Shawl, since I was focusing on the other items on my to-do list, but I did make a wee bit of progress, working on the solid textured section at about the 10% mark.

That’s it for me this week, my friends! Hope you’re having a great one.

25 thoughts on “Year of Projects Update – Week 8

  1. I love your spinning and canโ€™t wait to see the next instalment in your sweater project. I think youโ€™re right about sweater weather being nearly here!

  2. Such gorgeous handspun Anne and such lovely colors. Your sweater is going to be beautiful and perfect for the cooler temperatures. It wonโ€™t be quite sweater for me into late October early November but loving the fact we are kind of on the downhill stretch for cooler weather in Phoenix.

    1. LOL at “cooler weather in Phoenix”. I used to have to travel there for business a couple times a year and the first year I went in December thinking it’d be cool (not cold, but at least cool) and had WAY too many clothing layers with me for Phoenix “cool” weather. ๐Ÿ˜€ I am looking forward to fall tho – any way I can get it!

  3. I am with you on Fall! It will be late October probably before it gets cool here in AR. I have no business being in the South….I am a snow-loving cold weather gal. I love your sweater and you are so close! The shawl yarn colors are scrumptious and so is the handspun. I may have to get a wheel and learn how to spin as I adore handspun. I still think your over-dyeing tip is brilliant!

  4. Even tho our weather here is more like Colorado, it’s still almost too hot here for me. I went to high school and college in Virginia and the late summer just about did me in every year! You definitely need to learn how to spin – especially since you already know you love handspun!

    1. SERIOUSLY. I’m in Maryland (the metro DC area, not mountainous western MD) and its going to be IN THE 90s for AT LEAST 2 more weeks. Every year, I consider melting from August thru Late September.

      1. I know it well. My folks moved out to Owings Mills a couple of years ago (which they like very much) but it’s still too hot and humid for me! It’s hot here in the day but without the humidity, it cools off at night (it was 56 here this morning which feels great!)

      2. I’ve got “lack of humidity” envy!! I can’t wait for the weather break when there is a chill in the morning so I can enjoy sitting outside in the mornings!

  5. So looking forward to seeing that sweater quantity spin done! The color is divine. And that sweater, love the pattern and the color, looking forward to that FO too, you’re near the finish line.

  6. Your finished yarn is so balanced! Its also a really beautiful color, full of subtle variations.

    The almost finished sweater is NICE! I’m excited to see your FO post about it!

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