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Year of Projects: Week 7

Kind of a slow week for progress but we had a wonderful visit with family we hadn’t seen in almost 2 years, so that counts as a win in my book!

I worked on 2 projects for YOP this week. First up, the Foss Sweater. I finished the body, knit the boatneck ribbing, did a 3-needle bind-off for the shoulder seams and then started the first of the sleeves. In looking at this image, it looks like there’s another “dye lot” issue at the shoulders which is really odd because that is all the same skein of yarn. So apparently an overdye bath will help more than the glaring skein-change issue at the bustline. The color in real life is more like the stripe of redder hue near the top of the sweater. I’d like to try to get this sleeve done this week, and then I’ll feel like I’m really in the home stretch on this one once sleeve two is started.

I also cast on for another YOP project, which was the Stillness Shawl, designed by Helen Stewart. It originally was a mystery KAL but you can get the pattern as a complete one now. My random number generator selected a light purple speckle dye sock yarn skein ( A Homespun House’s Bakken fingering in “Always”) which I paired with 2 other purples from stash. Just a small start, but here’s my progress:

The lighter purple section shown above actually has 2 different yarn stripes in it, but I chose lower contrast ones for the B and C colors, so the stripes are really subtle. No goal on this one for the week but it is a pretty easy knit so I’ll probably pick it up for Zoom work calls here and there.

No progress on my spinning project or my wool applique this week but hopefully those will be back on deck in the upcoming days. Have a great week everyone!

24 thoughts on “Year of Projects: Week 7

  1. The picture of your sweater didn’t show up but it sounds like you are really moving along on it! I l love your shawl and those yarns are so pretty. Glad you got to enjoy some company!

  2. I love purple, and am partial to being in love with your shawl!

    I saw the sweater dye lines (when I viewed on my mobile device earlier), and a dye bath should help. Having color inconsistency within the same skein is super frustrating!

  3. I like your idea of the random number generator to pick the skein/colour you are going to knit with. Very clever. I love the sweater and I can see the colour change but I am certain you will sort it out with an over dye.

  4. I’m glad you managed to catch up with family. Your sweater is lovely but frustrating with the colour, at least it can be sorted!

  5. Your Foss sweater looks so beautifully knit. Are you saying that you can correct the color issue by overdying it? I’m a simple knitter with little experience with this so I’m asking honestly (meaning I have no clue how that works). I look forward to seeing it finished and how you resolve the issue.

    1. Yep – and please never worry about asking questions! I don’t mind at all. The dye lot issue on this batch looks to me like the farm owner/dyer probably put the skeins into the dye bath and then didn’t move them around so the yarn closer to the bottom of the pot where the dye sank is darker and then the yarn closer to the top is lighter. It’s all the same “lot”, so it looks to me like the yarn absorbed the dye at different rates. (And I’m saying this as a mostly retired professional dyer – I’m pretty sure I know the brand and the color she used so I’m just going to get that one out of my dye collection and use it.) The technique won’t work for every yarn, but in this case, I think it’ll come out just fine, although I know it’ll be darker and more intense in color (which I’m completely okay with). And if it doesn’t, well then, I have a brand-new walk-the-dog sweater :).

  6. I agree with you, I absolutely think that an overdye will tone down the distinctions between each skein. Either way it’s a well knit sweater, I’ve been looking forward to seeing this finish.

    I use a random generator to crochet blankets and don’t know why I’ve never thought of using it for shawls. I’m a purple fan — it’s my favourite color too — so I love your shawl already!

  7. I love these projects! I think the sweater looks great, the differences are interesting because they almost look like an intentional low contrast colorblock, but I’ll be interested to see how overdyeing changes it!

      1. Alternating skeins is like bringing an umbrella when there’s a very slight chance of rain. I’m convinced that if you do it, it probably wouldn’t have mattered, but if you don’t then it always does 🤣

  8. I wouldn’t worry at all about the colour variance because it is in a particular section so looks like its a feature. If it was just one arm it may have looked strange. I have a similar issue with some home dyed skeins and I was lucky that one slightly different is around the yoke.

  9. Your sweater looks great. I must admit I didn’t see any odd parts in the colour, I just like it the way it is, and the colours are lovely. So are the colours on your shawl, can’t wait to see your progress on that one.

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