WIP Wednesday: August 11, 2021

Not much to report this week on my one non-Year of Projects project, but here’s where I am on Bronwyn currently.

I have four repeats of the wheat-sheaf cable just about completed. I am estimating I will need nine total repeats to get to the portion of the body where I split for the underarms (which is my goal point for the next 3 months on this project), so just about to the halfway point of my goal.

I’m using Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter (their worsted weight) for this in the color “Faded Quilt” and really love the subtle tweediness and how nicely the cables show off. Those honeycomb cables in the center are some of my favorites and I think they look beautiful in this yarn.

So… I’ll keep trundling along on this one when I have some time. I would like to hit my goal by the end of this month but we’ve got a road trip planned later in the month and I know I can always get some concentrated time in on it if I need it.

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