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Year of Projects 2021: Week 6

Still chugging along on several bigger YOP pieces but here’s my weekly update on progress for them.

Foss Sweater: I managed to get the front and back divided and worked the short-row shaping for the shoulders on the front. I did all of that in the evenings while my DH was enthralled with a TV program. I didn’t realize until I looked at the progress in the light of day that there is a noticeable dye lot difference (although the yarn was labelled as coming from the same dye lot and looked very similar in the skein) where I joined in a new skein. I am going to continue on with this, but when it’s finished, I plan on giving the entire garment a soak in a dye bath to try to even the color out a bit. I’m pretty sure I can accomplish that as I’ve used that technique on another garment I overdyed and it should be fine. (Or at least I will make it so.) It’s a little less noticeable in real life but still… noticeable! I have the last bit of short-row shaping for the shoulders to do and can then work the 3-needle bind-off for the shoulders to finish up the body.

City Lights Shawl: See Friday’s post; this one is completed!

Pigeonroof Studio “Dovecote” Spinning: I finished up the 2 bobbins of singles for these 4 oz, so it’s on to plying next.

Wool Applique Camper Project: I am at the halfway point on the motifs now. Two of the campers and two of the trees are completed (the ones with buttons attached), except for a few French knots to work. I thought maybe a photo with something for scale would be a good visual aide to show the size of it. Not huge, but not a tiny piece either. I likely won’t get any work done on this over the next week with work and family things, but I’ll plan on getting back to this one before August is finished.

Plans for this week include continuing on with the Foss Sweater. I should be able to get one sleeve started this week and can use that as my mindless/evening knitting project to continue to make progress. I’m on the fence about which project to start next off my YOP list. I want to save some of the smaller (under 500-yard) projects for group classes for the fall term, so I”m leaning towards another shawl since I’ve got the Foss sweater on the go (plus the two other non-YOP sweaters) and I think focusing on a non-garment project is probably the smart way to go.

15 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021: Week 6

  1. OMG!! How frustrating that the color between skeins is so different. Glad you are comfortable with overdyeing but aggravating. I never do the alternating between skeins that is recommended for handdyed yarns so I’m sure my day is coming when I end up with an unintended stripe.

    1. Right? It IS frustrating. I’ve never had a problem before, even with other small hand-dyed lots, and like you, I don’t bother with the alternating. (To be honest, I think it would not have helped much – I think it just would have be striped instead of colorblocked but still different enough to show.)

    1. I feel pretty confident about the overdye. And if not, I’ll figure something else out. Maybe embroidery or something along the color-change line? So it appears to be a design choice and not a whoops moment?

  2. Your City Lights beautiful! Sorry about the dye lots on the sweater yarn. That is frustrating. Hope you can fix it with the dye bath.

  3. Your City lights shawl is a work of art! Beautiful! What a great idea to overdye your sweater to even out the color…..BTW…I wouldn’t buy that yarn again! I don’t spin but I certainly admire those who can….your yarn is lovely. Your camper candle mat is so cute. I’ve done quite a bit of wool applique and I have a big project I need to get back to. Do you pin or glue your piece down before stitching? I’ve not tried the glue but want to give it a go. I loved your book list too! The only one I’ve read on your list is Call The Nurse. You are a prolific reader! I changed my email and was keeping track of my books on Good Reads but now I can’t get into my old one. I will keeping a list on my blog like you have domne. Smart idea! Have a great week!

  4. Thank you for all your kind comments! The sad thing is that the yarn base itself is really nice. I have a smaller lot in a natural/undyed gray so I’m hopeful that I will not struggle as much with that lot when I get it on the needles.

    I use the lightweight iron-on fusible webbing and I like it a lot. It’s not bulky or stiff, so you can still stitch things down through it, but it holds things in place nicely. It’s a little bit fussy but I do like using it.

    That’s frustrating about Goodreads – but at least you solved for the problem! 🙂

  5. Those singles are magical!
    This seems like quite the productive week! I’m excited to see what you ultimately decide on for the sweater- having a natural grey base does make dying a bit of a challenge!

  6. So frustrating about the yarn, but it sounds as though you have some good ideas to sort it out, so it will be splendid! The camper stitching is gorgeous.

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