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FO Friday: City Lights Shawl

I’ve got a finished item to share for this first Friday in August (whoops! Almost typed July! Where is this year zooming off to?). This is the City Lights Shawl, pattern by Tetiana Ortruda (Ravelry link). I used Miss Babs Yummy Sock in Blackbird and Spun Right Round’s SW Sock in Blender for the 2 colors. This is a great beginner pattern. It’d be a nice slightly more complex than a garter stitch shawl project to step up to. It features garter stitch, slip stitch and some simple yarn-over/knit-2-together pairs to make the pattern. Very fun to knit and it has instructions to be able to end the pattern when you run short on yarn or, as I did, was just ready to call it finished.

I didn’t follow the pattern exactly and used it more as a sort of blueprint, mostly because I got distracted while knitting and doing something else, so I added in some plain garter-stitch sections “incorrectly” and didn’t exactly follow the cadence of the pattern rows as written, but I repeated what I did in the second half of the shawl and honestly? If you didn’t know the pattern well, you’d probably not even notice.

This used up about 325 yards of both 400-yard skeins, so I have a bit left for scrap blanket squares or a kid’s hat, but we’ll call these skeins “used up” and out of stash with this project, which was my goal! Finished size is big enough to wear with a pin at the shoulder, or wrapped and scrunched up at the neckline to show off all the colors.

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