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WIP Wednesday – August 3, 2021

Since I’m highlighting the Year of Projects pieces I’m working on every Sunday, I thought I’d just pop in with a quick update on a non-YOP piece that I’m focusing on this month, which is my Bronwyn Sweater. This is break month in the Harry Potter Ravelry group I’m in, so no classes specifically but I’m working on a longer-term/year-long project with this sweater and the Oregon Cardigan from Virtual Yarns. My goal for the upcoming term is to have Bronwyn worked up to the armhole split (I’ve finished the sleeves already) and to finish the Oregon cardigan body and knit sleeve #1. Then both sweaters will be completely done in the first quarter of 2022.

The design has a slightly longer back hem with a split ribbing before the cabled sections of the body, which is why it looks uneven here. I’m knitting this using the called-for Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, in the Faded Quilt colorway. The back depth to the underarms is written for 17″, which might be a bit long for me, but I will finish another set of repeats and then try it on to see how it fits. This is currently at 6-3/4″ deep at the back hem, so I do have a fair amount of knitting left to do but I knit so much with fingering/sock-weight yarns I forgot how much quicker worsted weight knits up!

Not knitting-related but definitely a work-in-progress, the kitchen remodel continues. We pulled all the door fronts and drawers out this weekend. (We have replacement doors/drawers built and ready to go back into place.) The painters are here working on updating the cases themselves. The folks who owned our house at a previous point in time did a fairly substantial upgrade to it back in the late 1980s, but it was very outdated and really needed a refresh. We didn’t want to spend 80K on it tho, and there are some annoying bits to remodel the previous upgrades – like… all the cabinets are recessed into the floor so we can’t change the footprint of the kitchen layout without redoing the floor and that was going to be a lot more money than even the initial estimate, so we’re leaving the cases in place and painting them, and are redoing the door and drawer fronts with gorgeous stained cherry wood. We have already replaced the ancient (and only semi-functional) microwave and oven and refrigerator with new stainless steel ones, and we have a new sink/faucet and dishwasher ready for installation – also in stainless. The countertop fabricators should be coming in another week to template all the counters so we can replace the old green ones with much nicer quartz surfaces.

Already just one coat of paint has made a big difference!

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