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Year of Projects – Week 5

More of the same this week – I’m still working on a bunch of larger projects so nothing new and shiny but here’s my current progress:

My Foss sweater has been completed up to the underarms and divided to work the front and back. Since I didn’t get it finished for August, I don’t have any real focus goal on it and I’ll just work on it as I have time and interest with an eye towards finishing it up for the fall.

The City Lights shawl continues onward. The safety pin is the end of the second repeat of the pattern. I’m 99% sure I added in some extra garter stitch rows where the bright/neon-y yarn shows as a larger block by mistake but I’m okay with that. I think it breaks up the rest of the striping nicely and I’ve repeateda similar extra-row section closer to the bottom to balance it out. I will definitely have enough yarn to get through at least half of a third repeat and possibly another full one, although the rows are getting LONG now. The pattern is written with benchmark points where you can stop repeats if you’re coming up short on yarn which is a nice feature.

Finally, the Dovecote fiber spin is chugging along. It’s been a crazy week here at the house between work and trying to get some outdoor clean-up done AND continue moving forward on our kitchen remodel so I haven’t gotten as much spun up as I’d like, but I’ll take any progress on this one at this point.

Finally, I started working on the stitching down the next RV camper motif on my wool applique project, but it doesn’t look much different than the last update I showed it, so no image for that although I have worked on a wee bit.

Another busy week ahead. We’ve got family coming into town to visit over next weekend and in the meantime, we’re trying to get the kitchen painting done so we can be ready to go when our countertops are replaced sometime in the next month or so.

17 thoughts on “Year of Projects – Week 5

  1. I love the city lights shawl and your sweater is looking great. Hope you enjoy being with your family.

  2. Your City LIghts shawl is gorgeous. I would so love wearing it. Just yells fun. I love the purple yarn you are using for the sweater. And your spun yarn looks beautiful too. Lordy, lots of fun fiber projects. 🙂

  3. What beautiful yarn your FOSS is being knit in. That’s going to be a gorgeous sweater. And what a fun combination of colorways in your City Lights Shawl. So pretty!

    1. Thank you! I realized yesterday when I was working on the sweater in daylight hours there is some not-good dyelot issues with it, so I think it’s going to need an overdye before I wear it. Not the end of the world, just a bit of tweaking I think!

  4. Wow! You DO have a lot going on! Your sweater is lovely especially in that color you chose. The shawl is gorgeous! The yarns colors you chose are over the moon! I love it and want one just like it! LOL! Your spinning is so pretty. Good luck with your kitchen and your entertaining this coming week. I just had guests for 2 weeks and I am still recuperating although it was wonderful. Have a great week!

  5. OH that City Lights shawl is gorgeous! The colors just pop out. LOVE IT! Congrats on getting to the divide for the arms in the Foss. It will be a beauty when completed.

  6. AHHH!! I accidently deleted your post on my blog when I was trying to respond (still have no idea what key I’m touching that does this!!!) Any way … thank you so much for sharing your experience about angora/wool blend yarns. I really appreciate it. I definitely no longer need warm sweaters, So thank you for the advice to reduce the angora level while stilll being able to get the fluffy look to the sweater.

    1. No worries! Let me know if you need help sourcing yarns. I don’t have bunnies anymore but I do have some friends who still have herds, so might have some suggestions that will work for you when you decide to cast on. 🙂

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