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Year of Projects – Week 4

This week, I finished spinning the first of the 2 bobbins of singles for the current 4-oz braid I’m working on. This is the 75/25 mixed BFL/silk braid from Pigeonroof Studios in the “Dovecote” colorway. I’ve really been loving these soft grayish-teals right now! I’ve already started bobbin 2, but here’s the first half of the singles done.

I also cast on a new project – the City Lights Shawl by Tetiana Ortruta (Ravelry link). This is a 2-color shawl and both of the yarns I’m using were ones the random number generator pulled for me. The MC (black) is Miss Babs Yummy in “Blackbird” and the CC is Spun Right Round’s SW Sock in “Blender”. It’s a color pairing outside my usual moody, subdued palette choices, but I actually really like the vivid neon-y colors with the stark black over it. Kind of reminds me of graffiti artwork.

I’ve been slowly adding length to the body of the Foss Sweater too. The pattern calls for a body length from the underarms of 16″ but I am very short-waisted and that would wind up being FAR too long on me. 13-14″ is a much better fit, so I’ve got about 5″ left to knit on the body to hit that mark. This is the project I grab for an hour in the evenings while my DH wants company while he watches TV as it’s mindless and easy to work on half distracted.

That’s it for this week! Hope everyone is staying safe and well and enjoying the weather in your part of the world.

12 thoughts on “Year of Projects – Week 4

  1. The dovecote spinning is beautiful. And that shawl with the black and neon is gorgeous – I love that combination.

  2. Freaking gorgeous color choices for your shawl! That is going to be fantastic!! I’m just plain short which is one reason I like being able to knit my tops although I still tend to make them too long. Even my sleeves can be long but I’m getting better. I think silk added to yarn to just so pretty. I love the sheen it provides.

  3. The colors of the City Lights shawl are awesome. You are right, it does remind me of graffiti. Your spun fiber is so pretty and such a soft color. Foss sweater does look like the perfect knit during TV time.

  4. OHHHH your shawl pulled me in with its EYE CANDY! I love the combination of colors for it. Agree, the black on neon really POPS!!

    Your spun single is super dreamy, for totally different reasons. Great week!

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