WIP Wednesday: July 20, 2021

While I’m obviously working on Year of Projects items, I do have a few other things on the go. I finished the pair of socks I was working on and those will have their own post for FO Friday this week.

I have two sweater projects I was working on before I found the YOP group and those are still in progress, so this week I pulled out the Bronwyn Sweater, designed by Melissa Wehrle, which I’m knitting in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the Faded Quilt colorway. I had finished up both sleeves already in May (I think?) and I’ve cast on for the back to get started on the body. The design has a slightly longer back hem so the back and front are worked separately to begin the ribbing and then joined into the round to work the cabled/main portions of the body. (The color is slightly less gray and slightly more blue than this late afternoon image would indicate.)

I’ve also been working on a Birlinn Blanket, design by Kate Davies Designs. Originally designed for DK weight, the blanket has a modular design, so I can cast on and finish a block in a fairly short timeframe, which I do when I need a little break from other items. I’ve modified mine to be knit with fingering/sock weight scraps, so each block will be a different color, and then they will all be finished off/joined together with a natural, undyed creamy white sock yarn. I haven’t decided how large I will make the final piece but I have SO many sock yarn scraps that I could probably knit multiple blankets and not run out. I have 5 blocks completed for this project so far. They are a bit fiddly to get started, but I’ve been enjoying making these and I think being able to control the placement of where the colors fall in the blanket will mean I might actually finish the blanket (unlike the two Cozy Memory blankets I’ve started and not finished).

We have a busy couple of weeks coming up here at the house. We’re in the middle of some upgrades/remodeling so lots of electrician and plumber and painter appointments and we need to carve out some time to purchase a new sink/faucet/dishwasher and get our paint color picked out as well!

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