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Year of Projects: Week 3

This week, I finished up several of my goals (which you can see in prior posts this week). I finished the Frostwork scarf, and the first 8 oz of spinning that I had been working on when the year started.

I started the next 4-oz braid of fiber for the sweater spin I’m working on. This is Pigeonroof Studio’s mixed BFL/silk (75/25% blend) in the colorway Dovecote, a pretty soft grayish teal. This is the first 2 oz of singles. Even though today (Sunday) is the end of the Tour de Fleece for this year, I’m going to try to stick with my 15 minutes a day and continue to chip away at the fiber stash.

I’ll also keep working on the Foss sweater (although I haven’t done anything else on it since my WIP Wednesday post this week) for the next week as my YOP focus piece. I’ve got a sock (not YOP) to finish up and then I will pick something else off the YOP list. I’m leaning towards a shawl, I think, but we’ll see what I feel like tackling once the sock is off the needles.

Finally, I hauled out the wool applique project (Vintage Campers Go Round – pattern is from Buttermilk Basin) and I worked on another of the motifs yesterday. I realized when we were on vacation and I had pulled out all the supplies for this that I was missing small white buttons (which were theoretically part of the kit) to attach on the trees on top of the campers. I also didn’t have the Sulky 12-wt cotton thread in black that I’m using for everything else, so when we got home I ordered thread and a button pack which should be here this week. The tires aren’t stitched down in the one camper motif I’ve gotten done but it will be a quick thing to add that once the thread is here. Otherwise, I’ve finished 2 of the trees and one of the campers, so maybe a third done on the embroidery on this. (Those are the three motifs at the bottom of the photo below – the finished trees have some metallic gold thread stitched on as ribbon on the presents.)

20 thoughts on “Year of Projects: Week 3

  1. How big is your wool appliqué and what will you do with it when it’s finished. I love the fun design and how it goes round in a circle but wonder how it’s displayed and can’t work out if this is table cloth type size or bigger? It’s a fun project though.

    1. It’s sort of centerpiece sized (18″/40.5 cm across). The center space is big enough for a large candle or vase to rest on it. I will either use it in the middle of the table over the holidays – I have a white Lenox vase I haul out to put greenery in – or I might use it as a wreath on the door of our camper. We’ve got a trip over the holidays planned to go to the gulf coast of Texas here in the States to bird-watch. It’s bigger than other ones I’ve got planned, which are more like 8-10″ (20-25 cm) across. I do have a couple of kits which would be more like table runner size but those will be for several years down the road after I get some smaller ones done, I think.

  2. I can’t wait to see how this sweater spin turns out, should be amazing! And the applique looks like the perfect solution for creating a centerpiece.

  3. I was going to ask how big the applique was but see Liz beat to it. 18″ is a nice sized motif and I can just imagine it with your white vase and greenery in it for the holidays. It would be stunning. Your spun fiber is such a pretty color. What weight will it be when completed?

  4. Your spinning is fabulous and I adore that colour. I’ve also just noticed your banner – it looks so cosy and inviting and is basically how I want to spend my days!

  5. Love the trees and camper motifs! Tour de Fleece is over for me too, but now I want to spin all the brown I have so I can do some fairisle knitting with the natural I spun during the tour. I like your idea of 15 minutes a day. I can try that too!

    1. It’s really amazing how much progress can happen over a month (or year) with those 15 minutes. It really doesn’t seem like much on a daily basis but it definitely adds up. Hope you enjoyed your Tour this year!

  6. Your sweater spin is a beautiful color!! I can’t wait to see it used in a project!!

    The idea of using the appliqué project as a centerpiece for the holidays sounds great!

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