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FO Friday: July 16, 2021

Two finished things to share this Friday. It sure felt good to get a few more things crossed off my Year of Projects list.

Frostwork Scarf: This pattern (Ravelry link) is another great one from Susanna IC. The pattern comes with instructions for a scarf and a blanket (or really large shawl), but I felt like the scarf was going to be too wide for my tastes. (The pattern schematic showed a width of 14″ based on gauge.) So, I opted to reconfigure some of the numbers for the cast-on and reworked the ribbing a bit to shrink it down to just one repeat of the wide cable/lace motif and I think it’s the perfect width/size.

I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca which I had in stash in a winter white and used just over 400 yards to knit my version. I love this yarn for the softness + stitch definition combination. It’s a real winner for an alpaca blend yarn in my opinion. As per her usual, Susanna has some lovely details in the design that make it a standout. The big chonky cables are extra squishable but the overall feel is lightened up by the lace. I did have a skein leftover so I think I may use it in conjunction with one other orphan skein of the same base I have in stash to do a colorwork hat or cowl so I can well and truly consider this yarn “used up” and out of stash. (Which may or may not happen in the short term. I’m just happy another 3 skeins of yarn are knit up.)

I also finished plying the last 2 oz of the 8 oz of Polwarth wool roving I have been working on as part of my Tour de Fleece this year. The original roving is from Two if By Hand in the colorway “Murk”, which is a deep moody blue-green color. I spun a 2-ply fingering-weight yarn from the two braids of roving I had, and ended up with a total of 870 yards of lovely squishy yarn.

I’ve pulled another 4 oz braid to spin next. It’s a Pigeonroof Studios mixed BFL/silk blend in the colorway “Dovecote” which has similar moody teal tones in it. My plan is to knit a Weekender Light sweater (Ravelry link) with these yarns when they’re done. I will be right on the edge of having enough yardage, I think, with the additional Dovecote skein, but I also have another 8 oz of a third color from Funky Carolina from my stash that I could fill in extra as needed. So I’ll whittle away at the Dovecote (although I don’t think I’ll have it completely spun by Saturday, when the Tour ends) and see where I stand for yardage once I’ve spun that skein up.

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