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Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 2 Update

A quick note to start today’s update post that I’ve created a separate “checklist” page for all the projects for the year here. It’ll help me be able to find them and if you’re popping in late, hopefully will help keep you from having to search for the master list. So what have I been working on this week?

  1. I’m still plugging away on the body of my Foss sweater. It’s slow-ish going since it’s fingering-weight on US size 3 needles but I keep adding to it and it’ll get there eventually.
  2. Ditto for the Frostwork scarf. I’m happy that I’ve been able to make progress bit by bit on it and (at least so far) haven’t gotten so bored I’ve tossed it in a bag to languish.
  3. I had been very good about my 15 minutes a day of spinning up until Thursday, when we went out of town for a quick camping trip to Colorado. I have just a tiny bit of singles left to spin on my 8 oz batch of Polwarth and can then ply these last 2 oz and call this set done.
  4. While we were on our trip, I took the first of my wool applique projects with me. I had all of the pieces temporarily fused into place, so I took some quiet time around the campsite to start stitching them down and adding the button embellishments. I’m thinking a good way to make sure I continue to work on these projects is to do one motif a week (I think I can keep up with that), and slowly chip away at them. That shouldn’t be too much to accomplish in a crafting session or two every week. Little bits of time do add up!

That’s it for week 2. Boring blog fodder but progress on some bigger lots of yarn is always good!

7 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 2 Update

  1. Colorado had to be cooler than where I am in the deserts of Arizona. Sounds like you were able to have some lovely quiet time to work on some of you projects while camping. How lovely that must have been.

    1. I think EVERYWHERE has to be cooler than where you are in AZ right now! I cannot deal with that level of heat – it’s almost too hot for me here most of the time. (Colorado was actually warmer than we were here at home this past weekend – go figure.) We did have a lovely time and enjoyed the outdoors with some fly fishing, hiking and dipping our toes in the water up at Twin Lakes. 🙂

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