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Update – Year of Projects: 2021-2022

I’ve been enjoying reading the blog posts of the Year of Project participants who are finishing up (or doing a mid-year check-in post) for the 2020-2021 year. I hadn’t really considered adding anything other than knitting projects, but having seen so many other interesting crafts highlighted, I think I’m going to add to my goals to include some spinning and some wool applique projects to hopefully motivate me to get some progress on those. I’ve also got a couple of updates to my knitting project list – I’ve started one project already so it’ll technically be a WIP I’m carrying into this year’s YOP and the other is a change to one of my sweater patterns. I struggled trying to get gauge for the pattern I had picked for the pretty deep red Woodsong Farm yarn. The closest I could get required US size 1s and I still wasn’t happy with the gauge swatch…. so…. I took the gauge I DID like and plugged that into Ravelry’s search function and came up with a new pattern that I think will work much better and I won’t be struggling trying to get gauge for it either.


  1. Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints in green multi. Pattern: Sonoran Shawl.
  2. A Homespun House Sock in After All This Time. Pattern: Painted Plains Shawl.
  3. Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Method. Pattern: Ulmus Shawl.
  4. Sweet Sparrow Yarns in Bloduwedd. Pattern: Stillness Shawl.
  5. Carodan Farm worsted weight in Oatmeal. Pattern: October Hat.
  6. Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light in Winter White. Pattern: Frostwork Scarf.
  7. Sock Pixie Sock in Chicory Fairy. Pattern: Lightweight Hipster. Started 06/23/2021.
  8. Bare Naked Wools Precious in Brown Sugar. Pattern: Fallen Cowl.
  9. Jaeger Matchmaker in Delft Blue. Pattern: Berneice Sweater.
  10. Harrisville Highland in Pearl. Pattern: Range Shawl.
  11. Spun Right Round Sock in Dirty Denim. Pattern: Jujuy.
  12. Lanitium Ex Machina Sock in Slumber: Pattern: Excordium Shawl.
  13. Bare Naked Wools Shetlandia. Pattern: Sea Fret Sweater.
  14. Miss Babs Yummy Sock in Blackbird. Pattern: City Lights Shawl.
  15. Handspun in Storm Cloud. Pattern: Broken Wings Shawl.
  16. Dragon Hoard DK in Fire Whiskey. Pattern: Seismic.
  17. Woodsong Farm in Brick Red. Pattern: Foss for Women.
  18. Spun Right Round Sock in Blender. Pattern: City Lights Shawl.
  19. Black Sheep Sport in Terracotta. Pattern: Camulet Sweater.
  20. Suburban Stitcher Sock in Maple. Pattern: TBD.


  1. Finish spinning the sweater spin I’m in the middle of. I have two 4-oz braids of Polwarth wool, two 4-oz braids of BFL/silk and one other 4-oz braid of BFL/silk. These are all in a similar color family – a dark blue-gray-green teal – and I want to use them in a Weekender Light pullover. Before July 1st, I should have 6 oz of the Polwarth wool spun up and plied. I’d like to finish up this spin while my fingers are in the groove for this particular weight of yarn so it stays consistent. That would be a total of 14 more oz to spin.
  2. Two SW fiber braids for socks. Specific braids TBD but I have plenty to pick from out of my fiber stash – a total of 8 oz.
  3. Shokushu Punis: I only have 2 oz of these, but they were a gift and I’d like to see how they spin up.
  4. ArtemisArtemis Batts: One of my oldest stashed fibers, a total of 5.3 oz of batts.

That will give me about 2.5 oz to spin up each month. I have been out of the habit of spinning consistently for a while but I’m trying to reclaim my 15 a day habit and have been pretty successful in the last month. Having a project to work on helps keep me focused, so I’m hopeful that listing at least a few things to spin will do just that… but not be overwhelming. If I make big strides on all of these, I can always add more to the list as the year goes on.


  1. I have started placement of pieces on a piece for our RV. It’s got sweet little vintage campers and pine trees on it. I need to work on stitching the pieces into place and plan to take this as a project when we go camping mid-July. This is a slightly fussier piece than others I’ve worked on, with a lot of small, overlapping pieces, but I am anxious to make progress on it and get it done so I’m putting that at the top of my project list.
  2. I also have a year’s worth of smaller month-themed kits that I’d like to start once the camper project is done. I don’t think I can get all 12 of them done this year, but I’d like to have the December, October and July ones finished by this time next year. Again, as with spinning, if I have more time, I will add more to the list.

I think that’s it FOR REAL this time. A lot of crafty projects that I hope having a list to refer to and check off as I complete will help me work through them and help avoid the (ooo… look… shiny new thing!) distractions of other projects in the meantime.

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