FO Friday – June 18, 2021

I finished up the Twinkle Hat this week. The pattern is part of a collection (although you can buy the individual patterns too) from the Starlight Knitting Society. I was looking for a pattern to finish using the leftovers from my Waikoloa Beach Shawl, and nicely enough the colors I had even matched the original sample.

For my version, I did a few less rounds of the 2×2 ribbing (I was concerned I would run out of the MC, but I actually had plenty), and one less repeat of the slip-stitch pattern since I wanted more of a beanie shape and less of a slouch. This was a nicely written, easy to knit pattern. I think it worked great with these two yarns AND I managed to use almost all of the contrast color, so I got two nice projects out of 2 skeins of yarn – a win/win.

Not quite a full finish, but I also got sock 1 of 2 off the needles for the pair of Driftwood Socks I’m knitting. I’m using Sweet Sparrow Yarns Wren Sock in the colorway The Irish Hare. I wasn’t sure I would like the tweedy sock base but I think it actually works well with this fairly simple pattern.

I opted to use the Fish Lips Kiss Heel rather than the as-written short-row heel since I like it better but otherwise, these are the medium size as per the pattern.

I’ll cast on for sock 2 in July and get this pair finished up next month.

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