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Year of Projects 2021-2020 Update

It was HOT here this weekend, so I opted to avoid the heat by staying inside and decided that would be a good excuse to pull the yarns I want to use for the YOP 2021-2022. I’m glad I took the time to do that at the front end because A) there were 2 yarns on my list I couldn’t find (one I am 98.5% sure I gifted away in the great stash clean-up of 2019 when almost all my laceweight went to other homes and one I just plain could not find. I don’t think I used it but might have done. Or maybe it’ll turn up at some point in the future?) and B) I realized that some of the projects I had earmarked for skeins were better served with different yarns or a different combination of yarns. I generally can hold colors pretty well in my head but sometimes unwrapping a handpaint skein means there are colors lurking in the skein you weren’t aware were there and it changes how the yarn plays well, or not, with others. I also found out I had almost twice the yardage of the Ultra Alpaca so I have enough to get a full scarf and not just a cowl out of that.

The image above is everything that is on the list below. There are several projects as well where I pulled skeins to go with the original YOP list yarn. I have one skein that I don’t have a pattern picked for yet, but it’s some gorgeous sock yarn from Suburban Stitcher and depending on how much I get done over the next 12 months, I’ll either do a pair of leafy socks with it, or pair it up with something else, but that can be determined as the year goes on.

I also had my heart set on Andrea Mowry’s Range Shawl for the Harrisville Highland I pulled in a pale gray but I only had 2 out of the 3 other colors I needed in stash that would work with it, so I decided I loved the shawl enough I was okay with a single skein purchase of the creamy natural white to complete the 4-skein set. (I really wanted to try NOT to purchase anything new to work with the yarns and just try to shop from stash and I was successful other than that one, so I’ll count it a win.)

  1. Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints in green multi. Pattern: Sonoran Shawl.
  2. A Homespun House Sock in After All This Time. Pattern: Painted Plains Shawl.
  3. Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Method. Pattern: Ulmus Shawl.
  4. Sweet Sparrow Yarns in Bloduwedd. Pattern: Stillness Shawl.
  5. Carodan Farm worsted weight in Oatmeal. Pattern: October Hat.
  6. Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light in Winter White. Pattern: Frostwork Scarf.
  7. Sock Pixie Sock in Chicory Fairy. Pattern: Lightweight Hipster.
  8. Bare Naked Wools Precious in Brown Sugar. Pattern: Fallen Cowl.
  9. Jaeger Matchmaker in Delft Blue. Pattern: Berneice Sweater.
  10. Harrisville Highland in Pearl. Pattern: Range Shawl.
  11. Spun Right Round Sock in Dirty Denim. Pattern: Jujuy.
  12. Lanitium Ex Machina Sock in Slumber: Pattern: Excordium Shawl.
  13. Bare Naked Wools Shetlandia. Pattern: Sea Fret Sweater.
  14. Miss Babs Yummy Sock in Blackbird. Pattern: City Lights Shawl.
  15. Handspun in Storm Cloud. Pattern: Broken Wings Shawl.
  16. Dragon Hoard DK in Fire Whiskey. Pattern: Seismic.
  17. Woodsong Farm in Brick Red. Pattern: Blue Danube Sweater.
  18. Spun Right Round Sock in Blender. Pattern: City Lights Shawl.
  19. Black Sheep Sport in Terracotta. Pattern: Camulet Sweater.
  20. Suburban Stitcher Sock in Maple. Pattern: TBD.

While I can technically start any of these and carry the project(s) forward as a WIP, I have a lot on the needles right now so I think I’ll use June to finish up the Twinkle Hat I’m almost done with, the In Stillness Cardigan, and the Quadrilinear Scarf I’ve got on the go. I may opt to start sock #2 of the pair of Driftwood Socks I’ve started, or may hold that over to start in July for a HPKCHC class project prompt. I also need to finish 20 rounds on my Oregon Cardigan to get to my July checkpoint so I want to focus on that project as well before I put anything else on the needles. I don’t mind having several things on the go, but right now I’ve got more garments than I like in mid-completion, so until I can whittle those down a bit, I’m going to hold off on casting on anything until next month.

So there they are – the 20 stash yarns I’ve picked to work with in 2021 and into 2022. If I actually work through all of these, I’ll consider it a major win, but if not, there’s always 2022-2023, right?

4 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021-2020 Update

  1. Hi, don’t forget to share the link to this post in this week’s folder on Ravelry so people in the group can see how your plans are coming along. 😀 sounds like a good plan and very organised…but definitely yes there’s always the following year to carry things over to and as we get to the end of this one I’m definitely going to have a few carried over.

  2. Interesting idea to pull the year’s planned projects into a “bin” to work from over the course of the year. I’m lucky to have a “wall of yarn” (wooden wine boxes with dividers for single skeins and multiple skeins are in their own clear plastic zipper pouch) so that I can look at all my yarns. This did cause my son to exclaim “wow you have a lot of yarn” when I had to move the yarn wall to the living room. I have my year’s plan but freely swap yarns/projects as the year progresses. Still, I like the idea of maybe having certain boxes for “this year’s projects”.

    1. I have a similar wall – but cubicles with bins and/or large ziplocs, depending on the amount of yarn. (I try to keep my sweater quantities in ziplocs so I don’t accidentally pull a skein of something out to use as a single.) Since I decided to focus on specific yarns vs project choices that was the easiest way to do it for me, and if I need to grab something, I don’t need to spend an hour sorting thru the 6 sock-weight bins to find it. It also helps me stay motivated to see the pile shrinking as I go along. Whatever works, eh? 🙂

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