FO: Waikoloa Beach Shawl

I’ve got a finished knitting project to share today. This was a quick and satisfying knit – another great design from Romi Hill, the Waikoloa Beach Shawl (part of her 9 Shawls for Changing Times collection). The original was knit with a lovely kit of 3 colors from Brooke over at Sincere Sheep, but I wanted to try to use up 2 skeins of sportweight I had floating around in my stash.

For this project, I used the soft and bouncy Finn Dandy sportweight (the natural/cream color) from Bare Naked Wools and blue-purple gradient yarn from Feederbrook Farm (pretty sure this is the Nimbus colorway). I thought the long color runs in the Feederbrook Farm skein would work as a decent stand-in for the 2 colors of blue in the original.

This wound up being a really quick knit – 5 days in total, although I will admit that I worked on quite a bit over a quiet weekend at home. I wound up using 115 yards of the cream and 288 yards of the blue and I think it came out beautifully. The long color shifts in the Feederbrook yarn highlighted the undulating waves of the lower border and the lighter periwinkle transitioning out of the cream works out pretty nicely too, I thought.

I turned this project in for my Quidditch match #3 for the spring term in the Harry Potter Ravelry group where we got to explore the Reed Flute Cave in China. I have enough leftovers from these two skeins I’m pretty sure I can get a hat out of them, and will probably tackle that this month to get the yarn completely used up and out of stash.

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