Fair Isle Friday – May 27, 2021

I finished up my Da Crofter’s Kep hat for this week’s Fair Isle Friday. I pulled a palette of woodsy colors – bark brown, leaf green, mushroom and blue sky – from my stash of Jamieson and Smith’s jumper-weight yarns (mostly – there’s one Jameson’s in there too). I am basically happy with this, and since it’s a stashbuster, I certainly am not going to have sour grapes over the fact that I wished I had chosen a slightly lighter green for the darkest green since I don’t think it reads as well as it might. OTOH, I didn’t swatch and knew this would be a bit of a crapshoot going in as to whether everything worked together. I also didn’t have that elusive “not quite so dark green” in stash, so I made what I had work.

I am quite enamored of the star shape on the crown of the hat. I think that came out very fun.

I will likely knit this one again. I have two other palettes of colors pulled from the huge group of single 25-g skeins I’ve got that I think could work nicely for this. It’s a fun and engaging pattern and I really enjoyed working it up. I plan to start the Sea Glass Tee June 1st, which features a simple alternating 1×1 colorwork, and of course, the Oregon Cardigan will be back out for some work in the next month as well for my featured fair isle projects!

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