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June 2021 Plans

We’re almost to June (which I can barely believe because it feels like it’s just finished being January), so I’m outlining my crafting and reading plans for the month here.

1. Finish A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas. I’m at about 60% finished this final book (currently) in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. (Note to self: You need to quit reading 800+ page books or you will not meet your total book goal for the year!).
2. Finish listening to the ARC of Dreams Lie Beneath. I’ve got this as an audiobook and I’m about halfway through it.
3. I am going to jump in to the TBR Knockout Challenge sponsored by Completely Melanie. The themes for June, which is pride month, are to read an LGBTQ book and a book with a rainbow (at least 4 colors) on the cover. My picks are going to be All the Better Part of Me by Molly Ringle, and Victoria Aveyard’s new one, Realm Breaker, which came as the June book from my Fantasy Crate subscription.

If I have more time, I’ve got a major stack waiting on my Kindle to be read. I will also need to find another audiobook for morning dog walks, but I’m not sure what I’m in the mood for yet.

1. Finish sleeve #2 on my Bronwyn Sweater. Sleeve #1 is done, and this is one of two projects I’m doing for a year-long Dragon project in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry. I’ve got the ribbing and 2 of the 8 cable pattern repeats done, and since it’s a work-in-progress, I’ll work on this over the holiday weekend before June officially starts.
2. Work on getting to row #20 of the neckline shaping on my Oregon Cardigan. I have 1 round left before I can cast on for the underarm steeks, then another 5 rows before starting the neckline shaping, and then 20 rows to meet my end-of-July deadline for this one, which is my other Dragon project. If I can get 15 or so rows done in June, I’ll be happy with that progress.
3. Finish sock #2 of the self-striping plain vanilla sock pair, which are earmarked for a late June birthday gift for my mum. I have the cuff of sock #2 knit and I’ve started on the leg. I’d like to get this done fairly early in the month if I can, as I’m thinking of another pair of socks for Quidditch match #3 which runs June 1 through June 19. Striped sock #2 is my planned Detention project for June.
4. Knit 1 Birlinn Blanket square for a class.
5. Knit another skein’s worth on my In Stillness Cardi. I’ve got a goal of 1000 yards towards this project and I’ve knit 330 (an entire skein’s worth) so far. If I can get myself to 660 yards knit by the end of June, I think I can get through the final skein’s worth of yardage (plus a little) by mid-July, when this challenge will come to an end.
6. I’d like to cast on a pair of Driftwood Socks and use at least one of the pair for my Quidditch match #3 project. It’d be great if I can knit two, but we’ll see how I’m going for time.
7. I also want to start the Beach Glass Tee. I’m not at all confident I can finish that up in a month, but I will give it a go, and see if I can. If so, I’ll use that for a class turn-in (and if not, it can go for Detention in another month or two).

Finally, I need to get 400 yards or so spun up of finished/plied yarn for my OOTP/Mission project. It’s due in mid-July, but I want to get ahead of the game on this one if I can. I have 1 oz of singles spun, and am working on ounce #2. I am estimating I’ll need a total of 6 oz spun up, so if I can get to the 4 oz mark, I should be okay to finish the final 2 oz or so by mid-July.

There may possibly be a few other smaller projects for classes tossed in there, but I’ve got so many bigger things I want to focus on that I may not get to the smaller items this month. (I’m also trying not to put a ton of FINISH IT NOW pressure on myself, despite the fact that I am still suffering from Cast-On-All-The-Things-Itis right now, and want to pull out yarn and patterns with reckless abandon and put them ALL on the needles!)

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