WIP Wednesday – May 25, 2021

We’re at the last WIP Wednesday for the month of May, so let’s take stock of how I’ve done on my plans for the month, shall we?

  1. Birlinn Square: I’ve gotten one finished for the month. Since there’s no real deadline on these, I’m fine with that. Just being able to turn it in for class points is enough. This month I used a fun speckled purple.

2. Plain vanilla self-striping socks using the Oh Clark! colorway from Desert Vista Dyeworks. Sock 1 is finished (my goal for May) and I’ve cast on sock #2 today. These are earmarked for a birthday gift for my mum, so I want to have them finished no later than mid-June to send to her for her birthday at the end of the month.

3. Da Crofter’s Kep – finished! This one is done and in the charity gift box for the fall. I used a combination of various jumperweight wools I had in my stash – mostly Jamieson and Smith’s.

4. I also finished the Kesic Beanie. I wound up only using half of each of the super bulky skeins I had, so I’ve got enough to make another hat at some point in the future. This is also going into the charity gift box for the fall.

5. I’ve also got a finished batt spun up into a small 2-ply fingering-weight skein. The original colorway is Angel’s Breath from Edgewood Garden Studio.

While I haven’t finished it, I have started my In Stillness Cardigan. I moved this one to a multiple-month challenge since I opted to knit a fairly large shawl (Holyrood) for my Quidditch match project. This is a top-down raglan sweater, and I’ve gotten the body to the point I divided for the sleeves and the fronts/back. I’ve added about an inch worth of length to the body, and I’m in the stockinette/knit back and forth section to work on now, which is easy, mindless knitting. I’d like to get the first full skein of yarn knit up as that will put me at a good progress marker to have 1000 yards knit by mid-July, which is my goal for this project.

I am also getting back to work on sleeve #2 of my Bronwyn sweater since that’s a goal for June. I’ll see how far I get with that over the upcoming long holiday weekend, but the next month’s worth of classes starts June 1 so I’ll have some other new projects on the go with that.

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