Spinning Tuesday – May 17, 2021

I missed getting a post accomplished on Sunday about my handspinning this week. Too many outdoor and house things we were trying to get taken care of, but I do have a finished skein to talk about!

This is 214 yards and just under 2 oz of a 2-ply fingering weight yarn I spun from a handcarded batt from Edgewood Fiber Garden. It’s a mix of various wools, alpaca and glitter. I actually was a little surprised at how brown this spun up. From the original batt, it looked like the white would be fairly predominant (which I wanted). Here it is in process with the singles against the second half of the batt.

I’m not mad about it – just that I will need to think more on what to make with the 3 batts I have spun up (which total about 600 yards). My original thought was they would make a really pretty gradient, but colors 1 and 2 are similar enough, I may not be able to use them that way. Color 3 is noticeably different, so maybe it will become the contrast color and I’ll use 1 and 2 in a very VERY subtle gradient in something with stripes or colorwork?

These will marinate in stash for a while until I decide. Next up, I’ve committed to doing a spin of at least 600 yards for my Mission project for the Ravelry Harry Potter challenge group. I’ve pulled five 4-oz braids I plan to use for a sweater spin. I’d like to make Andrea Mowry’s Weekender Light (Ravelry link) sweater. I don’t think I’ll get all of them spun up between now and late July but it would be a good start towards getting enough yardage to knit the sweater, and no time like the present, right?

I’ve got 2 braids of “Murk” from Two if By Hand, 2 braids of “Sirius Black” from Funky Carolina and a braid of “Dovecote” from PigeonRoof Studios – all from deep stash. (Indeed the first two dye companies are no longer in business!). I’m going to do a little fiber prep this week and then be ready to start spinning this weekend! Excited to have these out of stash and into usable yarn at long last too.

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