Fair Isle Friday – May 14, 2021

I’ve been making small progress on my Da Crofter’s Kep hat over the last week. I’ve finished most of the main pattern for the body of the hat, and have (I think) about 8 rounds left before the crown decreases happen. I did not take this with me as a travel project when we were camping last weekend, which is my usual time for knitting with charts and multiple balls of yarn, so not a ton of progress, but I’m hoping to have some time for it this weekend.

I will fully admit that I didn’t swatch for this – or maybe the entire hat is a swatch? I think I’d like a slightly lighter dark green, but I’m not upset enough with it to rip everything out. The main goal for this hat was to knit up some oddments in stash of jumperweight yarn, and it’s achieving that goal. It’ll go into the box for the shelter and will do a fine job keeping someone’s head warm this winter.

While I’m on the topic of fair isle and stranded knitting, Wool and Pine’s Seaglass Tea preview dropped yesterday. This cute summer top is a clever stashbuster, knit with alternating 1 x 1 colorwork with yarn changes every row or so to a new color of yarn. Perfect for those oddments of sock yarn you’ve got in a box, or bin, or bag. I am strongly considering casting this one on in June but thinking about lengthening the sleeves and maybe making it a cardigan? It wouldn’t be a big deal to add in a front steek and that would also prevent me from having to think about securing all of the ends (although the pattern has a tutorial for their preferred method of handling that). Photo below is copyright Wool & Pine from the Ravelry pattern page.

I have in my head a subtle fade using grays, pinks and dark plums/purples that I think would be really fun. The testers’ versions on Ravelry are all so different and beautiful, it’s really hard to pick what color direction I’d want to go in, but I love the painterly quality of them all!

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