WIP Wednesday – May 4, 2021

While I have several things I’m going to be casting on this week, and a few things in progress but on hold currently, I just have one WIP to mention for this WIP Wednesday post. I cast on this week for the In Stillness Cardi (Ravelry link) by Alicia Plummer.

I’m using a beautifully soft yarn that I bought in Scotland on the Isle of Skye in May 2019 from Shilasdair Yarns. It’s a DK-weight (although I’d call it a light DK weight or even sportweight) yarn with 40% merino lambswool, 40% angora bunny, 10% baby camel and 10% baby alpaca for the fiber content. Each 100 g skein has 330 yards. It’s naturally dyed with a meadowsweet with an overdye of indigo in the color “Spring Forest”, which is a bright verdant green.

The pattern is a straightforward top-down raglan cardigan. It has a textured knit/purl stitch on the upper portion, and the remainder is stockinette, so I’m hoping this will be a relatively quick knit. I had originally earmarked it for a class for the Harry Potter Ravelry group, which meant it would be a month-long project, BUT I have a fair amount of knitting left to do on a design knit, plus a shawl for the second HP group Quidditch match to finish up in May, and at least one sock (maybe two) to finish up this month as well, so I may move the goal for this one over to match up with the Headmistress Challenge, which runs through early July. I know I can get this knit in that timeframe, and it’ll make it a more casual knit. I’m leaning in that direction.

I received Laine’s new 52 Weeks of Shawl book yesterday, and I’ll have a review and peek at that tomorrow!

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