Spinning Sunday – May 2, 2021

I finished spinning up the batt I’ve been working on for a while. I have a set of 3 from Edgewood Garden Studio that I bought to create a gradient of sorts. They share a copper-y color facet, but run from a dark cinnamon through to the paler cafe au lait batt I’ll be spinning next. This is the middle color of the three. All of them are a blend of mixed wools, alpaca and glitter.

This one is the colorway “Unicorn”. It’s mostly a mid-range copper brown with some flecks of bittersweet orange and fawn throughout, as well as a copper penny-type sparkle which is very subtle. I spun this up on my Hansen eSpinner into a 2-ply light fingering weight yarn with a finished yardage for the skein of 185 yards and 1.7 oz. (I lost a little of the batt in a vacuum cleaner accident where I caught the end of the roving while I was using the duster attachment and it got sucked into the void.) It’s a little bit heavier weight than the darker batt I finished up a while back, but I think it’ll still work together just fine.

Next up on the wheel is the final batt in the group, colorway “Angel’s Breath”.

I also spent some time this weekend pulling braids of similar colors out of stash to see what I could put together for a garment spin and I think I’ve got a set of five 4-oz braids that will be perfect together. That’s on tap for a larger spinning project once I get these finished up, so I’ll share more details then!

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