Random Life Things

Getting (re)Started

I’ve been thinking about restarting a blog for a while now. I have tried several online journaling platforms but hadn’t really found anything I liked or that I stuck with for any length of time. I had a fairly active blog several years ago but it went by the wayside as I expanded my business and we moved and… well… life happened, as it tends to do. But I found that I missed having a chronicle of things I’ve been working on in my crafting and reading life on a personal level, as well as some general life musings, so here I am again.

My primary goal for the blog is to chronicle things I’m knitting, spinning, reading, thinking about in general. I tend to post daily on Instagram, which is a great platform for small snippets, but not so great for larger descriptive passages.

So… here’s my restart, reboot, do-over of a personal blog. If you’ve found me and wish to comment, subscribe or otherwise get in touch, that’d be lovely, and if you’ve got a crafting or reading blog yourself, please let me know how to find you online.

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