101 Things in 1001 Days

101 Things in 1001 Days

Aug 16, 2021 – May 13, 202

1Read 5 print books on TBR [1/5]
2Read 100 books [4/100]
3Read 200 books
4Read all the books on my Kindle TBR list [1/25]
5Read 3 new-to-me authors DONE
6Read two complete series off my TBR list
7Review 15 more books for NetGalley [1/15]
8Make 3 new-to-me plant-based recipes [1/3]
9Make one new recipe a week for a year [3/52]
10Eat plant-based for all meals one day a week for a year [3/52]
11Try a new wine every month [2/12]
12Have a private wine tasting
13Make a custom recipe book/journal
14Learn how to blend teas
15Take a cooking class
16Stitch 50,000 cross stitches in 2022
17Stitch 50,000 cross stitches in 2023
18Finish Winter’s Encounter
19Finish Desert Mandala
20Run a 5K every month for a year [2/12]
21Strength training x2 every week for a year [4/52]
22Ride my bike on a new trail
23Take 2 new yoga classes
24Try a new fitness type DONE
25Get estimate for deck and porch reno
26Make a fall wreath DONE
27Clean out my closet
28Paint the upstairs bedrooms
29Reno and repaint downstairs offices
30Design and plan outdoor space
31Research water garden
32Clean and organize garage
33Revamp resume DONE
34Watch 5 UX/Social Media Seminars
35Learn how to create IG reels DONE
36Take an image editing class DONE
37Learn how to create a logo
38Update LinkedIn profile DONE
39Take a graphic design course
40Achieve Order of Minerva (12 OWLs) [12/12]
41Learn to crochet granny squares
42Knit 6 sweaters
43Knit 10K yards of stash yarn
44Knit 20K yards of stash yarn
45Knit 50K yards of stash yarn
46Knit Birlinn blanket with sock yarn scraps
47Use up all sock yarn scraps and minis
48Complete Year of Projects 2022
49Complete Year of Projects 2023
50Set up 2022 planner DONE
51Celebrate the Winter Solstice
52Achieve 365-day streak in French on Duolingo
53Donate to One Wish 6 times
54Set up 2023 planner
55Set up 2024 planner
56Listen to one new musical artist a month for a year [1/12]
57Visit one arts and crafts festival
58Complete two 30-day craft challenges
59Complete two 30-day fitness challenges
60Learn to identify 10 constellations
61Schedule financial advisor appointment DONE
62Watch a movie I haven’t seen before for each letter in the alphabet [2/26]
63Have dinner by candelight
64Choose 101 Things Journal DONE
65Journal about all 101 Things
66Plan next 101 Things in 1001 Days List
67Take a photography class
68Take an art class
69Watch a meteor shower
70Watch the full moon rise DONE
71Celebrate the Summer Solstice
72Write a will
73Buy myself flowers for no special reason DONE
74Take V&A Class
75Achieve 20% on the Duolingo French quiz
76Learn how to blend perfume oils
77Go to a concert
78Plant a tree
79Create weekly menu/fitness plans for a year [2/52]
80Support three small businesses [1/1]
81Shop at a new small business for the holidays
82Post to IG every day for a year
83Send 5 “just because” gifts/cards to friends
84Donate to a friend’s charity request
85Spin one bin of roving from stash
86Finish 12 months of wool applique kits
87Sew one shirt
88Purchase or make new cloth napkins
89Learn how to do fabric marbling
90Create 5 clothing pieces for capsule/me-made wardrobe
91Do the 365 photography project
92Visit the ocean
93Identify 6 new birds
94Identify 6 new plants/trees [2/6]
95Visit LA community garden DONE
96Make a list of 20 places I want to visit in my lifetime [7]
97Visit Joshua Tree
98Visit new-to-me place in Napa Valley area
99Go on a road trip with a new-to-me destination DONE
100Visit 2 national parks
101Visit 3 new-to-me spots in New Mexico